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Lawyers Pakistan Tahseen Butt & Associates
  Barrister at Law, Corporate Law Firm in Lahore - Pakistan
Tahseen Butt & Associates is a qualified and professional corporate law firm in Lahore - Pakistan and UAE, Dubai under the dynamic leadership and guidance of Mohammad Tahseen Butt, Barrister at Law, L.LB. (Hons.) U.K. The law firm Pakistan 's attorneys have momentous practice defensive about a wide range of hearings in a diversity of substantive divisions. Our attorneys are extremely qualified prosecution lawyers, who have done several cases to decision with a matchless achievement. Our lawyers in Pakistan also have extensive experience in litigating and advising clients about authoritarian acquiescence and proceedings before federal and provincial judges, courts, high court, Supreme Court and juries.
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  Lawyers Pakistan Aims & Objectives
  • Legal Creativity
  • Hard Work
  • Discpline
We consider innovation or creativity as the summumbonum and the end to be strived for. There is an immense room for innovation and creativity in law. When a lawyer is drafting a simple piece of document it requires some exertion and ingenuity to integrate the factual realities or the circumstances and then to visualize and cater for all those future scenarios which might work to the disadvantage of your client. It is here that the innovative or creative strength of a lawyer comes into operation. This strength can be achieved through sheer talent, knowledge and experience. Our aim is to constantly strive for flair, knowledge and experience and to apply all the strength.That we have already acquired

Working hard is not an end to be pursued as such. Rather it is a means to an end. Hard work is a relative term and it may have different connotations for different people. On the other hand perfection is ~he essence, inner nature or the quality of God Almighty.We being mortals can only strive to achieve perfection. To us hard work is a continuous endeavor to achieve the most cherished perfection in all assignments that we undertake.

Discipline in thoughts and lifestyle is one of the pillars on which successful life is based. Disorderly and disorganized mind can only lead to confusion and chaos.Whereas indiscipline in habits gives way to unreliability and capriciousness hence social censure. Therefore, the aim is to strive for directed or guided thinking and to attain discipline in habits.
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Qualified Lawyers in Pakistan
Having foreign qualified lawyers in Lahore office and also providing legal services with help of lawyers Karachi, lawyers Islamabad and lawyers Faisalabad as corporate law firm Pakistan.
Qualified Attorneys in Pakistan
Lawyers Pakistan accentuates substitute argument declaration as an option to precious, prolonged litigation. When there is no choice, though, our attorneys are ready to go to prosecution.


Legal Identity Documentation
Lawyers Pakistan manages the groundwork on any type of business notes and delivers legal and tactical counseling. Our attorneys in Pakistan also manage and consult contracts or agreements. We have great capability to register companies, businesses, copyrights, trademarks or legal identity for commercial and non commercial organizations.
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