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Dishonour of Cheque

Dishonour of Cheque - Recovery of Debt - Lahore - Pakistan

Since 2002 vide Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance, 2002 dishonour of cheque has been made a criminal offence. As per the judgments of the superior courts of Pakistan dishonour of cheque is a serious and a heinous crime which has both economic as well as social implications. Further, it brings in uncertainty into business transactions and thus retards growth of the national economy. Hence, there is a trend, especially in the lower courts of Pakistan to refuse bail to a person accused of the offence of dishonour of cheque once a prima facie case against him is established.

Barrister Tahseen Butt & Associates has dealt with and is currently dealing with numerous cases involving the criminal offence of dishonour of cheques and we very proudly state that our rate of recovery is quite high.

If you have a stuck up loan, advance, credit etc. then why wait. Give us a call and we shall ensure that your money is recovered in the quickest possible time because after all every business prefers cash in hand over stuck up loans etc.

This service is available only in the region of Punjab Pakistan and is available for all individuals, businesses etc. except the financial institutions.

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