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Welcome to Tahseen Butt & Associates
  General Practice Full Services Law Firm in Pakistan
Tahseen Butt & Associates is a leading Pakistan-based corporate law firm working as a progressive and dynamic full service law firm with help of a talent pool of some of the best Pakistani lawyers. The firm has its main law chamber in Lahore and multiple affiliated offices in other major cities of Pakistan through which we can provide seamless legal services from places like Karachi, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Peshawar, Sialkot, Gujrat, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Beginning with a very modest setting, Tahseen Butt & Associates has grown, over the years, both in size and reputation and has become a benchmark of quality amongst professional law firms in Pakistan providing legal services, in its core practice areas, throughout the country.
Law Chamber of Lahore
  Qualified Lawyers’ Team in Pakistan
At Tahseen Butt & Associates, our team consists of a good mix of both young and seasoned professionals. All qualified lawyers, including foreign and Pakistani educated attorneys, they are diligently committed to guiding and seeing our clients through their complex situations. Our maxim is legal creativity, hard work and discipline. Having one of the best teams of lawyers in Pakistan , Tahseen Butt & Associates is providing the finest legal services in many areas, including:
  • Administrative Law of Pakistan
  • Adoption Laws of Pakistan
  • ADR of Pakistan
  • Legal Agreements
  • Arbitration Laws of Pakistan
  • Aviation Laws of Pakistan
  • Contempt Law of Pakistan
  • Contract Law of Pakistan
  • Copyright Law of Pakistan
  • Corporate Laws of Pakistan
  • Criminal Law of Pakistan
  • Partnership Laws of Pakistan
  • Patents Law of Pakistan
  • Property Laws of Pakistan
  • Real Estate Laws of Pakistan
  • Banking Laws of Pakistan
  • Business Laws of Pakistan
  • Civil Law of Pakistan
  • Commercial Laws of Pakistan
  • Company Law of Pakistan
  • Construction Law of Pakistan
  • Customs Duty Laws of Pakistan
  • Defamation Law of Pakistan
  • Designs Law of Pakistan
  • Dispute Resolution Law
  • Divorce Laws of Pakistan
  • Sales Tax Laws of Pakistan
  • Sale of Goods Laws of Pakistan
  • Taxation Laws of Pakistan
  • Trademark Law of Pakistan

Justice in Pakistan
  Corporate Law Firm in Pakistan
We are a well established corporate law firm in Pakistan which is popular and still growing in size and reputation both in the legal echelon as well as among a wide range of clients which include national and multinational organizations, corporations, institutions and individuals. We provide cutting-edge and solution oriented legal services, including both litigation work and drafting of agreements, deeds, instruments and other documents, with a quick turn-around time in a broad spectrum of the areas of law including company/corporate/commercial law, contractual matters, property law, tort law, administrative and constitutional law, Islamic modes of financing and immigration law.
Law Firms in Pakistan
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Qualified Lawyers in Pakistan
Having foreign qualified lawyers in Lahore office and also providing legal services with help of lawyers Karachi, lawyers Islamabad and lawyers Faisalabad as corporate law firm Pakistan.
Qualified Attorneys in Pakistan
Lawyers Pakistan accentuates substitute argument declaration as an option to precious, prolonged litigation. When there is no choice, though, our attorneys are ready to go to prosecution.


Legal Identity Documentation
Lawyers Pakistan manages the groundwork on any type of business notes and delivers legal and tactical counseling. Our attorneys in Pakistan also manage and consult contracts or agreements. We have great capability to register companies, businesses, copyrights, trademarks or legal identity for commercial and non commercial organizations.
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